Startup Success 1:1 Coaching

Not just a coaching program, it's a life changing decision. You know it's time to decide.

How would you feel if...

  • You owned a business that was built from the ground up to shape your lifestyle, that offers true freedom? 
  • You were your own boss and the hard work you put in resulted in the direct financial reward to you and your family? 
  • You woke up every day excited to go to work and challenged in the right way because your personal growth meant business growth?
  • You were totally secure in your income for the next month, six months, two years because you knew that your business was started on a strong foundation?
Start the 12 Week Boost your business needs.

It is time, you know it...

You feel the butterflies. You want this more than anything. You know your idea is a good one and you are ready to put it out there, all you need to do is get started.

I've learned there are two paths to success. You can wing it and figure it out yourself or you can fast track the process and in 3 months have clarity, strategy and a solid plan to take you and your business to the next level.

This is not just a coaching program, it is a life changing event. It is the exact tool you need, at the right moment it is needed, to finally follow your dreams and become your own boss. 

I believe that every single woman is fuelled with a passion and the ability to accomplish the incredible.  Together we will create the right momentum and excitement to do just that!

For an investment of $1500 you will have access to:

Who is this program NOT for?

  • Offline business ventures. If the business you want to start cannot be delivered online, this program is not for you. I focus in online business consulting, teaching and coaching. 
  • Those who are not willing or able to invest reasonable amounts of money into their business. Online businesses vary in costs and will require investments into a domain purchases, site hosting, etc., in addition to my services. 
  • If you are currently struggling to pay the bills and see this as your last hope, this program is not your lifeboat. If this is your current situation, reach out to me directly for a free 30 minute consultation on how we can move forward on a different path better suited for you.
  • You aren't committed to doing the hard work and take the time needed to build the business of your dreams.
See what other ways I can help, Inside The Virtual Studio Classroom

What is included?

  • 12 One-on-one Business and Mindset coaching sessions, via online calling, over a span of three months.
  • Weekly business focus and action plan unique to your business.
  • Multiple checklists, templates, resource guides, and planners
  • Insider access to all of Joelene’s best tools, resources and templates so you can easily build the business of your dreams.
  • Unlimited coaching between sessions via email, messenger, or inside the classroom chat system, supporting you throughout the program.

Start the 12-Week Boost your business needs!

What clients are saying...

“Joelene came alongside me as I was starting my business. She was very thorough, asking lots of questions in order to get a feel for how I wanted my business to grow.”
Sharon Fung, Cosmetologist & Blogger
"I had the opportunity to work closely with Joelene, and she proved herself to be an extremely knowledgeable and supportive coach. I work for myself now, and I feel like I’ve been brought back to life.”
Annie Cigan, Graphic Designer & Artist


Is this a group coaching program?

No, this program is a 1-on1 program between you and me. However; community is important for all entrepreneurs. I have a private Facebook group exclusively for Studio Insiders. These are both past and current clients from inside The Virtual Studio Classroom. You can ask questions here to get feedback from other aspiring or established entrepreneurs. This is also a great place to build your network so I encourage you to be active and engaged on it as well! You never know, your new business bestie, travel partner, or client might just be within the group!

What if I have questions or need extra guidance during the 12 Weeks?

You and I will be meeting once a week for an hour to discuss your personal situation and business plan. All of the sessions are held online and you will have access to email support in between sessions. Email me as many times as you need between sessions, guilt free! I am here to help.

Do you accept any refunds?

No, this program is non-refundable and I am unable to provide any refunds. Once payment is made all sales will be final. This is because once payment is made, you are provided full access to the program content and material.

I am really interested in working with you, but don’t have the full amount of money right now. Can I make monthly payments?

Yes! I offer payment plans for the 1:1 Coaching - 12 Week Program. You can pay  3 instalments of $500. over the course of 3 months. 

How much time do I need to commit?

This is a 3-month coaching program. In addition to the 1 hour per week that you and I will spend together, I recommend between 7-14 hours per week to dedicate to building your business. 

The more time and focus you put into starting your business, the sooner you will have a client base and an income. 

Hello, I am Joelene!

Before we get started, I wanted you to know a little about me and why I am here with you. Hubs and I live in beautiful Alberta, Canada with our two boys and our new fur-baby, Link.

I have dedicated the last 20 years to running my photography business and raising my family.

Today, my focus is women in small business and start ups.
I have taught hundreds of women how to manage their own online businesses and turn passion into profits.

My goal - is to help thousands!