Idea to Income: DIY Startup Program by Joelene Mills

Idea to Income: Business Startup

The Idea to Income program is here to help you navigate starting your own company. This 6 module program walks you through big-picture dreaming and planning by helping you set up your business structure, create a business plan, define your purpose, set goals and build a strategy.

Once completed, you are going to be goal-oriented, focused, and confident in moving forward with starting your first business!
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Program Outline

Set up for success!
Making sure your business idea sustains you.
Find your entrepreneurial type.
What makes a powerful business idea?
Is it the right time?
Do you have adequate start-up capital?
Evaluating your Niche.
Creating the best structure for business.
Setting up your business banking.
Getting Set Up for Success: Workbook
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Always have a plan.
Create your plan.
Action Plan
Creating your plan workbook.
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Prep for productivity.
Action Plan
Defining your brand idenity.
You are your brand.
Action Plan
Defining your brand workbook.
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Start the conversation, get talking.
What is it you do, exactly?
Action Plan
Plan your online presence, get visible.
Create a social media strategy.
Create and plan out your website.
Action Plan
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Idea to Income: DIY Startup Program