Create & Design Your WordPress Website by Joelene Mills

Create & Design Your WordPress Website

If you’ve been putting off the decision to set up a website or blog for your small business because you believe it will be complicated or time-consuming, don’t worry, I've got your back!

Creating your WordPress website and blog is remarkably easy with this comprehensive course.

To be honest, it will take longer to read the "how-to" than it will take you to create your own website! Most people can go from start to finish in about 30 minutes — without any tech skills or special training.

Course Outline

Understanding WordPress basics.
Decide – Self-hosting or hosted.
Understand WordPress terminology.
Plan out and create your website
Define your primary website goal.
Map out your website.
Create and optimize your website copy
Attracting the right traffic
Fill in the gaps.
Eliminate the leaks.
Resource Guide
Registering your domain
Purchase a hosting package
Getting Started-Option 1 Hosted:
Getting Started-Option 2 Self Hosting
Understanding your dashboard
Joelene's Recommendations
Workbook & Checklist
Create and Design Your WordPress Site - Workbook & Checklist
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