Welcome to 7 Ways to Plan Your Rate Hikes

Welcome to The Virtual Studio’s Business Session “7 Ways to Plan your rate hikes.” 
 I know that raising your fees and prices is a topic that many entrepreneurs find stressful to think about. So, what do we do? We put it off.

Even if you are totally ready to go ahead and raise your rates, it’s a big step. Lurking at the back of your mind are thoughts like, “What if my clients say ‘no’?” or, “What if no one signs up for my mastermind group?” “What if I lose customers?”

This session will help you eliminate groundless fears by showing you how to plan your rate hikes based on solid criteria that your market can happily afford.
We are going to do a little reconnaissance, review your existing programs, learn how to add resources and beef up your marketing. As well as take another look at your ideal client, consider offering a grandfathered option and of course how to keep your existing clients. 
 There is a LOT to cover, so don't wait - take action and get started!

Raise Your Rates - 7 Ways to Plan Your Rate Hikes

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