Getting Into the Money Mindset with Good Money Management Skills.

No business survives for long with poor cash flow, and that includes small online startups like yours. Not only that but the stress that comes from worrying about money all the time will kill your business.
You’d be better off to have a job, don’t you think?

So in Module 3, we’re going to clean up those money mindset issues and set up some natural systems to keep the cash flowing evenly from month to month and year to year, including…

  • 21 expenses you must remember to add to your budget—including one that no one wants to consider (but we all have to).
  • 3 types of income every business should be earning—the right mix of these will ensure a smooth balance sheet every month…no more feast or famine for you!
  • A tool you’ll love for planning your finances—even if you hate budgeting (really).
  • How to make bookkeeping painless—or at least more comfortable.
  • 3 invoicing and accounting tools made just for freelancers and consultants—including one specifically designed for Canadian entrepreneurs.
  • Why financial awareness is the most empowering tool you have—and how to get (and keep) it.

Business Management

How to Finally Go From “Wannabe” Entrepreneur to Rock Star Business Babe...

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