Business Budgeting Masterclass by Joelene Mills

Business Budgeting Masterclass

How to plan beyond the spreadsheet.

Bootcamp Overview

Ask almost any small business owner and they’ll tell you they hate budgets and bookkeeping.

With this 20-Page workbook, you'll take control of your finances so you can open the doors to bigger and better things in life.

Master Class Outline

Step ONE: Identify Your Zone of Genius.
  • Dream Life Exercise
Step TWO: Track ALL the Things
  • Expenses Sheet
Step THREE: Keep a Money Journal
  • Assets Sheet
Step FOUR: Get Real About Your Income
  • Calculate Your Rate Exercise
Step FIVE: Create a Decision Making System
  • Needs & Wants Sheet
Step SIX: Plan Your Long Term Goals
  • LTG Brainstorm Sheet
  • Create a Vision Board Exercise
Step SEVEN: Create Your Budget
  • Budget Creation Sheet