Beat the Odds by Joelene Mills

Beat the Odds

When is the right time to start a business? Now, of course! Beat the Odds is my crash course on starting your own company.  This 5 module program walks you through big-picture dreaming and planning by helping you create a business plan, define your purpose, set goals and build a strategy.

Once completed, you are going to be goal-oriented, focused, and confident in moving forward with starting your first business!

Course Content

Start with a plan.
What is your plan?
Action Plan
Module 1 Workbook.pdf
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Prep for productivity.
Action Plan
Defining your brand idenity.
You are your brand.
Action Plan
Module 3 Workbook.pdf
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Start the conversation.
What is it you do, exactly?
Action Plan
Social strategy, get visible.
Plan for your online presence.
Action Plan
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