Recognize and Heal From Business Burnout by Joelene Mills

Recognize and Heal From Business Burnout

Burnout is defined as physical and emotional exhaustion that takes all the joy out of your business and saps away your ability to be proactive and engaged. In that way, it lies dangerously parallel to depression. It can manifest any time in your career, whenever two conditions creep into your work life: Stress, and the feeling that your business is controlling you, rather than the other way round.

I’ve been there, it isn’t pretty and it is an easy spiral down that is very hard to climb out of. I do not want to see anyone go through it – ever.

The moment you have burnout creeping in, the stress you are already feeling tends to magnify. Warning signs include:

·         No longer feeling energized by working long hours
·         Frustration with your inability to accomplish tasks that were once easy
·         Not wanting to come to work (or sit down at your computer)
·         Feeling angry with yourself at not accomplishing more
·         Procrastination and avoidance behaviours
·         A decline in self-worth and self-esteem
·         Resenting clients and customers
·         Feeling overwhelmed
·         Feeling hopeless

Above all, burnout is characterized by physical and emotional exhaustion. It takes a toll on your family relationships, your health and your business … and makes a mockery of your freedom-based purpose of going into business for yourself.

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How to Recognize and Heal From Business Burnout
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